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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm really not any different.

In my scripture study this morning, I noticed Mosiah 2:11 as King Benjamin prepares to address his people. He says,
 "I am like as yourselves, subject to all manner of infirmities in body and mind; yet I have been chosen … and consecrated by my father, … and have been kept and preserved by his matchless power, to serve you with all the might, mind and strength which the Lord hath granted unto me"

I'm so glad that King Benjamin was real in this declaration, that he didn't pretend to be any better, or less human than those he served. Yet, still he was chosen and consecrated to administer in his particular calling.

We all have weaknesses, every one of us... but that's why we have the Savior and His Gospel covenants. Remembering and allowing Christ's grace, His mercy, and atonement to work within our lives and extending that same mercy to others must be central!!

Yes, we really are "less than the dust of the earth" but it is through "the atoning blood of Christ that we may receive forgiveness of our sins, and our hearts may be purified" - Mosiah 4:2

President Uchtorf said the following in a conference address from October 2013
"I suppose the Church would be perfect only if it were run by perfect beings. God is perfect, and His doctrine is pure. But He works through us—His imperfect children—and imperfect people make mistakes.

In the title page of the Book of Mormon we read, “And now, if there are faults they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, condemn not the things of God, that ye may be found spotless at the judgment-seat of Christ.”

This is the way it has always been and will be until the perfect day when Christ Himself reigns personally upon the earth."


Ramona Gordy said...

Hey Alicia
"less than the dust of the earth

I often wonder what the Savior thinks when we are so self deprecating
Of course he told his disciples that "Without me, you are nothing". ha ha. I was listening to a talk about dirt, mist and mud, sort of reminded me of Hillsong "Of Dirt and Grace". I have always wondered what they meant, so of course I am on a tangent right now, trying to find the answer.
What I have found so far, concerning dirt, dust, mist, rain and earth. One is that the term mists or sprinkle in the scripture, maybe Isaiah, speaks to resurrection, to the Love of the Savior misting over the ground, the dust, to form a mud, to reform a human. Love, love love
Stay tuned

Alicia Rawlins said...

Ramona those are some cool thoughts! It makes sense because Christ is referred to as Living Water. It's the midst that brings the dust to life - to a state where it can be formed, shaped and molded, even placed in a fiery furnace to become something useful. :)