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Monday, July 31, 2017

Pour Out Your Soul and Have Faith

When Helaman's army was struggling in battle, there's a couple of verses that are reminiscent of my own struggles and my own battles in my life. It's almost as if I could write these very same words.

"[I]did pour out [my] soul in prayer to God, that He would strengthen [me]..."
"And it came to pass the Lord our God did visit [me] with assurances that He would deliver [me]; yea, inosomuch that He did speak peace to [my] soul, and did grant unto [me] great faith, and did cause [me] that [I] should hope for our deliverance in Him. And [I] did take courage..."
- Alma 58:10-12

For me the "deliverance" doesn't always mean my particular trial or struggle has been removed from my life but more so I am strengthened beyond my natural capacity to handle it... peace and hope enter my heart, and the Spirit of God blesses me to take courage, to get up, to march forth in my battles knowing the Savior is leading the way.



Ramona Gordy said...

Hey Girl
This is one of my favorite BOM scriptures. I love that he Lord uses the word "pour". I have felt that "Pouring" in my life, and everyday there is something to learn, something to help me to "catch the vision", a way to feel peace in my soul. Its a battle for sure, and I had a thought one day, that the closer we "come to the veil", and we do at times, the more "dangerous" the world becomes to us. But at the veil the Lord may as in Esther extend his royal scepter and beckon us in.
So you know last week i fell down my basement stairs. Now, you know me, I can be stupid and find a weird humor in this. But it hurt though, ankles, knees, elbows, everything but my pride, which lately I have none it seems.When I told my friends, asking for help, they fell into two camps, those who helped and those who laughed. Imagine that. I laughed too for a minute.
I was talking to my home teacher, showing him my bruises and stuff and we were laughing really hard, and all of a sudden, I felt a prompting so strong, it brought me to tears, the Lord said "I am sending someone for you Ramona, I am sending someone for you Ramona."
And I actually vocalized this ( looking crazy) and my home teacher asked me, "When", and I said God does not have that word in his vocabulary, only "now". But he said that because I cannot understand this, He is teaching me". So me and my home teacher stood there with tears. The Lord is good Alicia So in that moment, he was speaking peace to my soul and did grant me great faith, and I did take courage.

Alicia Rawlins said...

That's scary to have a fall like that! I hope you have recovered fully. It's cool how personal God is and that He opened your eyes to the blessing your hometeacher was in that moment. I love the ways our Father in Heaven reaches out to us.

Ramona Gordy said...

I love you Alicia, you are wise and wonderful. I did not think about the blessing of my home teacher that day. I was in so much pain. But my home teacher is my former Bishop and he and his wife are my (and my husbands) best friends. They are so good and wise. And I tell you that he seems to realize that the Lord speaks to us and he doesn't think I am a little cra cra.

Alicia Rawlins said...

I believe the Lord speaks to you too. And even if your home teacher did think you were a little "cra cra" - there's nothin' wrong with that. :) Just means you're more fun to be around. ;)