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Friday, August 4, 2017

Where'd the wisdom go?

This is the face of a sixteen-year-old kid who is NOT AT ALL excited to get his wisdom teeth pulled.

I was excited though because I wanted to see how Chandler would act when he was loopy in the post-op.

The Dr's. Office had a wall with quotes with crazy things said by other patients coming out of anesthesia. I figured Chandler would say some pretty funny stuff so I had my camera all ready.

It felt a little long waiting...

This is the face of a mom having way too much fun making selfies with the writing on the wall.

Finally, when the surgery was over, we got some video footage of Chandler as he was waking up... and he certainly WAS loopy. I'm glad he was on the happy end of loopiness because the teenage girl who left the office before us was an emotional mess, screaming and crying.

Chandler wasn't emotional at all. He wasn't angry or aggressive either.  He was just fascinated with the after-effect sensations of a completely numb face and fuzzy finger-tips.

I discovered that Chandler can out-swear any sailor... even a drunk sailor. I have never heard him use so much colorful language in such a short span of time in all my life!
Every other word was *f* *a*  and  *s*.

I couldn't help but wonder how conscious he was of it. I tried a couple of times to correct him.  It lasted less than two seconds after his apology, "Oh, sorry about that....*bleep * bleep *bleepidy bleep*"

Remember the photo I took before his surgery? This one...

Well... This is the face of a sixteen-year-old kid having way too much fun knowing he can totally get away with his little potty mouth in front of mom and blame it on the sedation drug.

The drug wore off shortly after being home and he was back to his old self  - censored but grumpy. He'll cheer up soon though. He gets all the ice cream and movies he wants for the next couple of days. What teenage kid couldn't be happy with that???


...I had a good day though.


Ramona Gordy said...

So funny Mama
Wonder where he learned those words, ha ha.
Love getting root canals

Alicia Rawlins said...

I admit I was disappointed though. I didn't want to show it too much to him because I could tell that, at least for the first part, he wasn't really conscious of what he was doing. I tend to think that as the drug wore off he was more consciously trying out that vocabulary in front of me. My husband had a talk with him later to evaluate where Chandler is in his spiritual life. He has no interest in serving a mission. He doesn't really feel like he has a testimony, and he kinda has a blah attitude about anything church related. I'm hoping it's just a phase.

Ramona Gordy said...

I remember a Sunday school class, where we talked about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. I had heard a talk where the speaker said that this statement included taking the gospel to our family members, in particular our children. I mentioned this to the class, and needless to say, many had not thought of this. But in truth, our children are the churches largest group of "investigators", and if you really thought about it, even though, you raise them, baptize them, all of the things that Mormon children participate in growing up, I have only witnessed a small percentage testify of their "conversion". Children need to go through the conversion process, the testimony building process. Adults in their lives often assume that just because they are a part of the family, everyone is on the same page.
Your son, is he an active participant in the activities at church? You say that he isn't interested in a mission, has he been involved in the missionary prep classes, gone on splits or anything like that? Does he participate as a teacher or priest in sacrament?
No judgement from me.
Here is a really good book called "First Principals and Ordinances" by Samuel M. Brown. Here is a man who as a child felt that he was so out of touch with church in general, literally asked his Bishop to dis fellowship him, and work with him to help him gain a better testimony of the Gospel.
It a sobering book but its real though. You can check it out on Amazon or Deseret books.
Love you Alicia
praying for you and your family

Alicia Rawlins said...

It's so true, Ramona. We really are missionaries to our children. I've never read that book you suggested. I'll have to check it out. Thank you! Love you!